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From the Lijak Creek to Sekulak Hill

Every spring the “Energy-Themed Hiking Trail” from the Lijak Creek to Sekulak Hill, which weaves through a series of picture-postcard villages (Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje and Osek), hosts an annual hiking event aimed to inspire and invigorate body and soul.

The trail was carefully selected and is well marked. It’s somewhat a regional attraction as it is a physical and spiritual experience, re-energizing hikers with a special kind of energy. You can set out in any of the villages along the trail (Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje or Osek) and choose your preferred direction based on your fitness level, motivation and length preference. The steeper section of the trail requires more stamina, while the flat section allows for a mellow hike. Connecting paths in between allow hikers to neatly wrap up individual sections. The start of each path is marked with informative signs and an area map, whereas the themed stops feature pillars that are equipped with text and signposts showing the distance to the next stop.

Step by step the trail reveals the marvels of the local natural and cultural heritage, unearths historical memories and secrets, feeding one’s spiritual side. It takes but it also gives back. It runs past numerous landmarks and serene corners. The layout is diverse, catering to hikers’ differing tastes, interests and levels of fitness. We pass through a different time, while still being firmly anchored in the present and the daily routine of the locals. It quenches the curiosity of the hikers and reveals many geological, ethnological and architectural sites. The flora and fauna along the trail appeal to natural science buffs. For people with a more spiritual streak the hike offers a new type of experience.

Every May, we organize the by now traditional hike along the Energy-Themed Hiking Trail” from the Lijak Creek to Sekulak Hill. The guided hike starts at the event venue in Vitovlje. Hikers can relish in the natural and cultural legacy of this area and pamper themselves with typical local cuisine. 

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