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The Valley of Popular Climbing Sites

The steep walls surrounding the Vipava Valley and the gorges cut out by streams and rivers have provided some incredible rock faces that attract climbers from both far and wide. They are drawn to nature’s playground, which offers the ideal routes for both practice and serious ascents. The mild climate even makes it possible to climb on warm faces during the winter, while a shady rock face can be found to beat the summer heat. Once they reach the top climbers are rewarded with stunning views of the majestic Adriatic Sea and towering Alpine peaks.

Great Conditions for Sport Climbers

The climbing routes in the Vipava Valley are quite diverse, so the options for cliffhanging enjoyment are simply world-class. Sport climbers are right at home here, as well. Most climbing sites are readily accessible, with parking lots nearby many of them. Climbers looking to stay for several days will also find excellent accommodations.