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Great Conditions for Flying

Vipava Valley has 2 registered launch sites for free flight, and experienced gliders can also take off from many other hills, especially the popular Čaven. Pilots and those accompanying them are very well taken care of.  There are also shuttles, taking thrill seekers to the launch sites, and you can always find a delicious bite to eat around the official landing zones. Less experienced visitors who would still like a taste of free fall can opt for incredible tandem flights.

The Kovk Launch Site

One of Slovenia’s most popular launch sites is to be found at the edge of the Gora Plateau, at a height of 860 m ASL. The certified Kovk launch site is also well-known around Europe. Paragliders will find the perfect conditions here, and it is also well-known as a launch site for longer excursions. This is a great starting point for hang-gliders too, as you can drive your rig almost to the edge itself, which is a rarity in the sport. Experienced pilots, members of the Kovk Paragliders’ Association, who have the appropriate knowledge and certification, are also happy to offer visitors a tandem flight based on prior arrangement. The official landing zone for this launch site is the meadow in Log, near the pizzeria on the road from Ajdovščina to Vipava.

Basic Information:
Coordinates (lat, lon): 45.8865 13.9591
Height ASL: 860 m
Difficulty: medium
Accessibility: by car, 5 minutes from the main road
Suitable winds: SW, S, SE

The Lijak Launch Site

The popular launch site Lijak is nestled in the lower Vipava Valley, near the border with Italy. You can get there by taking either the Kromberk–Ravnica–Trnovo road or the route Nova Gorica–Solkan–Ravnica–Trnovo. This registered launch site is well-maintained, grassy, broad, and open, and is perfect for paragliders of all abilities. The flight conditions here are perfect in comparison to some of the other sites nearby and in the general area. You can fly here all year round, including times when the Burja wind is howling in the upper Vipava Valley. Lijak is always packed with paragliding schools and their students, who are there to learn about safe flying. The Polet Paragliders’ Association of Nova Gorica also provides visitors to Lijak with tandem flights. The official landing zone is a meadow on the road between Nova Gorica and Ajdovščina, where visitors can also grab a bite to eat.

Basic Information:
Coordinates (lat, lon): 45.9636 13.7236
Height ASL: 591 m
Difficulty: learning ground
Accessibility: by car, 10 minutes from the main road
Suitable winds: SW, S, SE, E, W

Tandem Flights

The Vipava Valley is where your dream of flight will come to life, even if you’re just a beginner. Experienced paragliders, who have a lot of training and are registered to take passengers, will be happy to offer you one of the spots on a special parachute designed for tandem flying. As you rise above the mountainous ridge of the Vipava Valley, you will have your breath taken away by the majestic views that reach all the way from the Adriatic Sea to the Julian Alps. You can choose between short and longer flights, with everything dependent upon the conditions.

Kovk Paragliders’ Association from Ajdovščina
Polet Paragliders’ Association from Nova Gorica
Wajdušna Tourist Agency

Flight School

The launch site at Lijak also hosts a flight school for paragliders. There are both beginning and intermediate schools for independent paragliders. Lijak is simply perfect for learning about this sport and making your first solo flight. The courses focus on individual skills and are held in small groups.

Polet Paragliders’ Association from Nova Gorica