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Cycling Trail

Embraced by the fields and vineyards up to Sveti Martin

In times when the unspoiled nature, the authentic rural life and serenity are appreciated more than ever, treat yourself with a relaxing family bike ride away from noisy roads. Discover the hidden gems and taste the exquisite dishes the Vipava Valley has to offer!

Starting point: Potoče

Start your trip in Potoče, the village named after the streams running in the valley from the mountains of Čaven. Climb towards Kamnje, its St. Michael’s church and the magnificent single-arch bridge built in 1885. Enjoy the breathtaking view of the valley before continuing towards Vrtovin.

The church standing in the heart of the village was originally built in the Gothic style. The altar is known for the 15th century wooden statue of the Virgin Mary holding the Christ Child. Follow the road to Gojače, Malovše and Črniče. Surely the road running among the hilly landscape will leave you unhinged. Still, you can appreciate the easy ride through this quaint and beautiful region.

Take the narrow road just by the church of St. Vitus in Črniče and proceed left on the unpaved road. Along the way, the remote estate of Huhov mlin with its mill will make you ride even more amazing. Now follow again the asphalt road until the industrial area by the village Batuje. Cross the Vipava River and continue riding on the nearby hills.

Climb towards the village of Preserje and then reach the hamlet of Sveti Martin, overlooking Brje at 331 metres above sea level. The church of Saint Martin is situated on top of the hill from which you will be dazzled by the overwhelming panorama of the Vipava Valley and the edges of the Trnovo Forest Plateau on the northeast and of the Karst on the southwest. Descend through the village of Brje, proceed towards Potoče and finish the tour among the splendid vineyards.

There are plenty of spots to enjoy throughout the trip and several farms and winemakers to visit, as well as restaurants in which taste the delightful local cuisine.


Length: 20,1 km
Ascent: 430 m
Descent: 430 m
Duration: 2,5 hours