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Horse riding

Hop in the Saddle

The horse rearing tradition in the Vipava Valley spans several hundred years. In the days of yore, horses were an integral part of the local economy. Today, this heritage is honoured through traditional carter events that showcase old customs. Modern equestrian centres and clubs scattered across the valley keep horses for sports and increasingly for therapeutic purposes. Experience the Vipava Valley from horseback or from inside a carriage. Riding on one of these noble creatures over an unspoilt landscape or enjoying a carriage ride through ancient villages is a sure way to make unforgettable memories. 

Take your Pick 

Experienced riders who would like to get to know the Vipava Valley from a different perspective can go cross-country riding. There are one- or multi-day horse trips available. Beginners and children can sign up for riding lessons in any of the local riding schools featuring experienced horses and instructors. Some equestrian centres specialize in equine-assisted therapies and provide special programmes for children to come into contact with these majestic animals. For a trip with a special twist or for landmark occasions such as weddings you can also rent a carriage to take you to your destination at the sound of clattering hooves. Horse-related events such as hikes along horse trails and traditional horse blessing ceremonies are also noteworthy.