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Be active

Be active. All year round.    

Many who've already visited the Vipava Valley are loving the variety of ways to be active here, practice recreational sports or even develop professional conditioning. Hiking, climbing, cycling, running, paragliding, caving, fishing, horse riding ... you name it. We've got it all.

Beyond its wealth of options, valley visitors appreciate the pristine vibe, kindness and surprising culinary treats. True, you can engage in your preferred outdoor activity all over the globe, but the Vipava Valley is one of a kind, we assure you.  Its rolling hills and vineyards, the peaceful locations and open people draw you into a unique world of unforgettable promise. All year round.

  • Cycling. All year round.

    Choose Your Own Way

    Seeking easy rides or exciting challenges? Across the roads and mountain trails, valley descents and inclines, forests and plateaus, a network of cycling trails invite travellers to ever new experiences. No matter which one you choose, days end in welcoming villages where tourist farms or genuine local inns will threat you to our unique hospitality.

  • Hiking. All year round.

    Discover a Picturesque Mosaic

    Amidst the vineyards and orchards of the Vipava Hills, at a variety of altitudes above the valley all the way up to its peaks, you will find an assortment of colourful trails leading past curious checkpoints and pleasant points of interest. Open the gates to new finds and serenity, catch the perfect snapshot, enrich your trove of travel treasures. From one spring to another, all year round.

  • Flying. All year round.

    Take to the Skies

    Feel like flying? Plateau edges high above the Vipava Valley offer many natural takeoff points where paragliders can soar across the landscape. If you’re not adept at paragliding, try a tandem flight and be amazed by the view from the sky. The Vipava Valley is a paradise for unforgettable take-offs and a great starting point for long flights. All year round.

  • Climbing. All year round.

    Ascend New Routes

    In the sunny cliffs above the Vipava Valley, lovers of sport and alpine climbing have marked hundreds of different routes, and they keep returning to conquer or discover ever new ones. During all seasons, the popular boulders, natural and artificial cliffs provide climbers with challenges and unique quests.

Unique Experiences