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February 2020

Excited for spring

Snowdrops, the first harbingers of spring, have opened their little blooms. Even though it's still technically winter according to the calendar, the Vipava Valley is already beckoning guests with a touch of spring in the air. Still, some of its winter charm still lingers. Don't miss this special time when the days are getting noticeably longer, but the evenings are still long enough so that you can explore authentic flavours and unique local hospitality. Whatever you do during the day, ending it in a typical wine cellar or local inn will be the cherry on top of your unique Vipava experience. The Vipava Valley is irresistible. All year round.

Abundance of seasonal dishes

Traditional cuisine is one of the top reasons why people come to Vipava Valley. Fans of genuine tastes are excited about the local food preparation techniques, and the locally sourced ingredients that are traditional seasonal picks. There are some very special highlights served as well. Vipava Valley prosciutto, the undisputed ruler of local cuisine, extends its invitation to explore the typical local flavours year round. After long months of curing in the fresh air, the meat is carefully stored in the cellar where it counts down the months to be cut in paper-thin slices by a skilled hand. Each delectably hearty slice is an ambassador of the unique local climate, tradition and art on how to slowly age this special piece of meat. Meat fans can meanwhile enjoy fresh sausages and cracklings that are served with the fermented turnip dish called repa tropinka. This type of turnip is left to ferment on grape marc, giving it its signature taste and pink hue. This local speciality is the main ingredient of jota which is a type of vegetable stew touted as the flagship dish of traditional local cuisine. A culinary extravaganza in this time of year is the radicchio of Goriška aka “sukénski régut” with its brilliant red rose-shaped heads. This exquisite vegetable can only be had from December to February, and is great for salads, even though local chefs can get very creative with it in other dishes, and even desserts.

Surprises in wine cellars

Vaulted wine cellars are architectural standout features and chambers of secrets of the Vipava Valley.s Traditionally, these cellars are built under ground, and occasionally cut into bedrock. Stone arches make for a distinctive look, and also help maintain the right temperature and moisture. The carefully cultivated rooms are where premium local wines are stored. Now is the perfect time to visit these remarkable venues and find shelter from the wind and the cold outside. So what's on the wine menu? You'll be spoiled for choice. The various wine varieties, including old local ones, from various vineyard sites, and a variety of vintages make for a rich assortment. But this is only the beginning. Each winemaker gives their own unique touch to their wines. Local winemakers love to experiment with the varieties they select to blend together, the maceration, playing around with different winemaking approaches, while staying true to the wine traditions, typical for this terroir. With remarkable results. Wines from the Vipava Valley receive high marks in domestic and international wine rating events, with world-class natural wines. There are no shortcuts: you can only experience this variety and quality with a first-hand visit to the cellars where our winemakers will enthral you with their tales. Wine tastings are accompanied by homemade snack foods, particularly local prosciutto on rustic bread. If you’re short of time or keen on a Vipava Valley wines 101, you are kindly encouraged to pay a visit to the wine shops generously stocked with the signature wines of the Vipava wine region.

Active. All year round.

Skip the nap after you fill your belly with the local flavours! Everywhere you look in the Vipava Valley, you’ll be met with lovely hiking and cycling trails. Seeing as there is rarely snow on the ground, and even then it's short-lived, the trails can be used year round. Ask around in the nearest tourist information centre. Discover cultural and natural landmarks on foot or by bike, visit picture-postcard places or taste your way through the wine and dine experiences offered by the Vipava Valley. Our pristine environment prefers it if you leave your car in the parking lot. To best experience the local trails and peculiarities hire a local guide, and don't miss out on the top adventures to see how authentic and friendly the valley truly is. If you miss an adrenaline high after a long and dreary winter, look up into the sky. Every clear day in the Vipava Valley is a great day to go paragliding. All year round.