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December 2018

Adventures with a Touch of Magic

Nativity scenes and wine tastings in holiday expectation

In the Vipava Valley, even December is uniquely compelling. The dreamy landscape greets visitors with evergreen sights, a tranquillity disturbed only by short gusts of the Burja wind here and there, clearing up the sky. Long nights bring to life vibrant traditions. One cheerful local custom is winter socializing in the wine cellars, where you can taste superb wines and listen to the stories of their makers. What's more, the illuminated windows of the local homesteads are soon to be adorned with artful nativity scenes. Truly, December is a month of magic!

Nativity scenes in the Vipava Valley

Building nativity scenes during Christmas, one of Christianity's most pleasant traditions, is a popular custom in the Vipava Valley. Locals embellish their churches with colourful nativity displays while also setting up exhibitions featuring proper little nativity artworks. The longest history is boasted by the renowned international nativity scene exhibition in the Sveta Gora pilgrimage site above Nova Gorica. Across the valley, scenes pop up in the streets as well, a heart-warming local curiosity. In Vipavski Križ, in Vipava and the village Tabor above Dornberk, people put nativity scenes in front of their homes or in their windows. The alleys then flare up with a thousand little lights, inviting to a stroll among the representations outdoing one another in detail and originality. In Vipavski Križ and Vogrsko, living nativity scenes are also in style, accompanying festive events that attract many visitors. More on nativity scenes in the Vipava Valley is found here.

Along the walks of peace

Holidays pamper us with luxury, yet deep within we all desire harmony and the closeness of our loved ones most of all. The hills and edges of the Vipava Valley still bear marks of the Great War and later terrible conflicts that shattered the peace of these lands, branding the lives of countless people. Today, memorial walks line the remnants of the old battlefronts, and the gentle climate of the Vipava Valley is just perfect for a winter excursion along these. Ascend Mt. Sabotin above Nova Gorica and visit the Sabotin Peace Park, where many caverns, underground fortifications, trenches and other remnants speak tales of the infamous Isonzo Front. Up there, where splendid views excite the adventurous, you can also browse an interesting museum collection. Walks of peace beckon to the Cerje viewing point at the edge of the Kras plateau as well, where the Cerje Peace Monument rises into the skyline. The seven-storey stone tower fascinates with a museum collection of its own and stunning panoramic views of the Adriatic Sea, the Friuli Basin, the Julian Alps and the Vipava Valley. The vicinity of the memorial offers several walks presenting the heritage of the First World War.

Houses of wine open their doors

Winter walks or adventures across the picturesque villages of the Vipava Valley are best rounded out by a visit to one of the many wine cellars the region is famous for. Now is a great time to do this, since the Valley winemakers are inviting you to their tastings of young wine all the way till Christmas. Wine and culinary events under the umbrella title Wine Cellars of the Vipava Valley Between St. Martin's Day and Christmas will take you on an exploration of the local wine culture and the sampling of genuine home delicacies. Check the December event programme, choose your preferred wine experience and see why the Vipava Valley is known as one of the most worthwhile wine regions in this part of Europe. If you're not staying long enough to tour our cellars, famous Vipava Valley wines may also be picked up in one of our many wine shops, featuring expert selections of the best our winegrowing district has to offer.

Don't miss out on amazing experiences

All year round, the Vipava Valley offers a diverse richness of experience. Here, you can hike or cycle in unspoiled nature, explore natural and cultural landmarks, or enjoy an exquisite culinary offer. Our top adventures are led by local guides, happy to show you around the secret nooks and crannies of the land, introducing you to the valley's people and their way of life.