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Get to know the legacy of the Romans in the Faladur Wine Shop & Wine Bar

Top highlights

  • A tour of well-preserved remains of the Roman Castra dating back to the 3rd century AD
  • Presentation of the local wine culture in the Roman tower.
  • Tasting of local wines with traditional local dishes.

Not to be missed

  • Guided tours of the rich Roman legacy around the wine shop and in the old part of Ajdovščina.
  • Wine and beer tasting in the Roman tower with a view of the Roman spa.
  • Sale of wine, beer and other products.
  • Tour and tasting from €10 on.
  • Open from Monday to Saturday.

The Faladur wine shop and wine bar is a popular spot in the Vipava Valley, and the right place to get the best local food, try great wines and taste authentic home-style dishes. The wine shop operates in the renovated Roman tower in the old part of Ajdovščina, which is one of the formerly sixteen towers of the Roman settlement called Castra Ad Fluvium Frigidum. The lasting legacy of the Romans is noticeable everywhere you go in the old town centre of Ajdovščina. In the immediate vicinity of the wine shop there are two surprisingly well preserved Roman towers, a roman spa, a Roman sun dial and even a museum collection with an impressive number of Roman finds.

The terrace of the wine shop offers a lovely view of the Roman spa and tower, and is a scenic venue for a wine or beer tasting. As you sip on the excellent wines and snack on the selected dishes, the staff of Faladur will be glad to provide you with the background and rich history of the local wine culture which goes back even further than the Roman Castra. Millennia ago the Romans made a mark on the genetic makeup of the Vipava Valley which shines through today not only in the locals’ appreciation for beauty and exquisite quality but also in the culture of savouring the gifts of nature. The staff of Faladur puts their guests front and centre, presenting local wines and winemakers, recounting old tales and truths about the great wines from the Vipava Valley. Delicious bites and regional dishes make the wine tasting a memorable culinary experience.


Faladur Wine Shop & Wine Bar
Lokarjev drevored 8 b
5270 Ajdovščina

Faladur tasting room
Cesta IV. Prekomorske 61 c
5270 Ajdovščina

M: +386 (0)40 232 987