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Cycling Tours through the Vipava Valley

The biggest and most impressive attractions are just a bike ride away.

Should we go for a bike ride today, or head out for a hike through some interesting terrain? The Vipava Valley offers both. Many cycling trails of all difficulties crisscross the picturesque landscape, traversing captivating vistas and villages, and leading past numerous natural and cultural attractions. Take a break and enjoy the view, or make a mental note while riding past to come back and visit these sites at a later date.

This time we’re inviting you to take a relaxing bike ride, perfect for the whole family, where you will encounter some of the most impressive attractions of the Upper Vipava Valley and at the same time enjoy the ride along some of the quieter roads and winding back roads. Park in the center of Ajdovščina and have a look at the well-preserved ruins of the Roman fortress Castra. Then pedal off towards Lokavec, the welcoming village underneath Čaven that is known for its blacksmithing tradition. Visit the blacksmith museum, and if you’re there during the month of May you can eat your fill of delicious ripe cherries, and you can also simply ride ahead through the village of Cesta on your way to Vipavski Križ. This village is worth a brief visit, as you trek up to peak at the old town center, one of the most beautiful historical cultural monuments in Slovenia. If you have enough time for the trip, definitely visit the famous Capuchin monastery, which is home to many old books and rare pieces of art.

After leaving Vipavski Križ drive down to Male Žablje, cross the Vipava River, and ride through Velike Žablje to a well-maintained gravel road along the Vipava River, which will take you through orchards and vineyards, and past the old stone mill, all the way up to the village of Dolenje. The proximity to the river and the shade cast by the towering trees makes this trail truly refreshing in the summer months. When you get to Dolenje, you will be back on a paved road, but only briefly. Stay on the river’s left bank when you get to the stunning Napoleon bridge across the Vipava, and ride off to the village of Slap along a gravel road, passing by peaceful fields and vineyards. If the timing is right, you can treat yourself to an authentic local meal at an agritourism farm, with the local specialty štruklji rolled dumplings for something sweet. You can also drive onwards through the village of Lože to Vipava, where on the main square the Lanthier Mansion is waiting to impress you. In the shade of tall plane trees you can take a short break, then ride on through the narrow streets of Vipava, cross the many bridges over the Vipava River, and explore some of the river’s many sources, as the Vipava is the only European river with a delta source.

After leaving Vipava, the trail goes through some vineyards with a great view of the Zemono Manor House before leading to the village of Vrhopolje, then across the villages of Duplje and Log to the dirt road that cuts across the fields into Ajdovščina.

Find a more detailed description of the trail here.

Both the blacksmith museum in Lokavec and the Capuchin monastery in Vipavski Križ require arrangements in advance. Agritourism farms are usually open only a few days per week, so we recommend checking their working hours.

TIC Ajdovščina, TIC Vipava