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The Šempas Wine and Olive Oil Festival

Savouring the Energy of Flavours 

Every spring, the postcard-like Šempas, a wine-growing village tucked away in the Vipava Valley, plays host to the traditional Wine and Olive Oil Festival. The festival’s aim is to introduce domestic, domesticated or indigenous wine varieties and olive oils. The event is annually attended by more than 60 winemakers from all three Slovenian winegrowing regions and from abroad, presenting their finest wines to the public.

The festive atmosphere in the Šempas Cultural Centre is enriched with expert papers, workshops and guided wine tastings. In addition to tasting wines, visitors can also sample the exhibited olive oils. The festival is famous for its pleasant, relaxed atmosphere which attracts throngs of visitors. Not only winemakers and olive oil producers, the festival also attracts sommeliers, caterers, experts from the field of oenology and gastronomy, as well as anyone keen on savouring the energy of flavours.

Of all the wine regions in the country, the Vipava Valley boasts the largest number of indigenous old grape varieties.

The Šempas Wine and Olive Oil Festival is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Vipava Valley and its domestic wine varieties.

The festival is organised by the Tourist Information Centre Nova Gorica in cooperation with the Local Community of Šempas.

Programme 2019

13th Šempas Wine and Olive Oil Festival, 31th March and 1st April 2019
Information:, TIC Nova Gorica