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Authentic Experiences in the Vipava Valley

All year round, from the first bluebells of spring until the first snowflakes of winter, the Vipava Valley has a busy calendar of events for visitors to enjoy. Especially popular are the traditional events that preserve local traditions and showcase the region’s flare for winemaking and gastronomic delights. In recent years the valley has been home to an increasing number of athletic events, including extreme and adrenaline sports, which attract massive crowds and daring competitors.

Welcome to the valley of unforgettable experiences!

Past events

Zelèn Wine Festival

The castle courtyard will host winemakers from the Vipava Valley, who produce the Zelèn wine. The offering is complemented with a selection of dishes. There is also an organized tour of the alleys and piazzas of Vipavski Križ.

Month of Local Cuisine: Okusi Vipavske

22. 4. – 19. 5. 2019

t: +386 (0)5 365 36 03
The Month of Local Cuisine (Kulinarični mesec) is a staple of the annual Festival Okusi Vipavske (Flavours of the Vipava Valley) main event. In April and May many restaurants, inns and agritourism farms in the Vipava Valley offer guests selected dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Hike from the Lijak Stream to Sekulak Hill

19. 5. 2019

t: +386 (0)5 330 46 00
The energy-themed hiking trail is set up through the villages of Šmihel, Ozeljan, Šempas, Vitovlje and Osek, running across the fertile land, past springs and cultural heritage sites up to tranquil natural energy points where trekkers draw relaxation and serenity.

UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

15.–17. 5. 2020
Vipavska dolina
m: +386 (0)51 338 559
This challenging ultramarathon takes place in the following categories: UTVV 100 miles, UTVV 100, UTVV 50 and UTVV 30. The courses are set up along the edge of the Gora and Nanos Plateaus, through the city, up to the highest peaks overlooking the Vipava Valley and back down.

Vipava Valley Rally

The biggest sports event in the Vipava Valley features over 90 km of spectacular speed trials and a night-time super special stage in the centre of Ajdovščina. The event welcomes thousands of rally racing fans.

Easter Hike to Mala Gora

22. 4. 2019
5263 Dobravlje

m: +386 (0)31 507 251
This traditional Easter Monday hike takes place to commemorate the traditional grass mowing practices on the mountain pastures of Mala Gora. Starting in the village of Kamnje, hikers scale the Mala Gora plateau following either the marked mountain trail or the Theme Trail of Mowers and Rakers.

Socialising with Pinela

The old school building in Planina plays host to winemakers from the Vipava Valley, who offer visitors samples of their Pinela wine variety. Have a drop of this exquisite old-school wine.

Šempas Wine and Olive Oil Festival

31. 3. – 1. 4. 2019
Šempas 29,
5261 Šempas

t: +386 (0)5 330 46 00
The presentation of Slovenian winemakers is accompanied by expert workshops and guided wine tastings. The attendants aim to foster the wine-drinking culture and seek out new opportunities for wine lovers to get together.

Nativity Scenes in the Vipava Valley

december 2018, januar 2019

Attracting more and more visitors every year, the real treat of the Vipava Valley around Christmas is the traditional display of Nativity scenes.

Vipava Valley Wine Cellars between St. Martin’s Day and Christmas

9. 11. – 23. 12. 2018
Vipavska dolina
t: +386 (0)5 365 36 00
For two decades now the Vipava Valley wine road has been attracting guests to a number of autumn events, St. Martin feasts and wine tasting at wineries.

Vipava Grape Harvest (Vipavska trgatev)

14.–16. 9. 2018
Glavni trg 1,
5271 Vipava

m: +386 (0)40 172 486
Boasting the oldest tradition in the Vipava region, the Grape Harvest Festival features an annual wine queen pageant and a wine competition. In the three-day event visitors can enjoy browsing through the farmers’ market and attending the entertainment programme.
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    UTVV – Ultra Trail Vipava Valley

    A thrilling sports festival uniting a variety of running disciplines. In May, the Vipava Valley welcomes extraordinary athletes, cross-country enthusiasts simply in love with its beautiful mountain trails.

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    The Flavours of the Vipava Valley

    The biggest wine and culinary festival in the Vipava Valley is held at the Zemono Manor House in Vipava. The Renaissance-era manor house is an exquisite setting for the annual event where visitors get to sip premium wines and listen to interesting presentations. During the festival there’s also the Gastronomy Month, when many restaurants and agritourism farms in the valley offer up dishes made from their own products. Every year the festival brings many visitors from all over Slovenia and abroad.

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    Wine Cellars of the Vipava Valley

    This original set of events is held between the feast of St. Martin and Christmas, when the year’s new wine begins to show its character. The events are held during the weekends, when the vintners showcase their wines and homemade delicacies, and hold presentations with a culinary or artistic flare.

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    Hiking in the Footsteps of Matija Vertovec

    One of the most well-known organized hikes through the Vipava Valley is dedicated to the preservation of tradition and uncovering the wine-making tradition. Every year, on the first Sunday after St. Martin’s Feast, hikers set out en masse to traverse the villages of the Upper Vipava Valley where the priest and popular science writer and teacher Matija Vertovec lived. The locals hold various presentations along the trail, along with tastings, and the endpoint in Šmarje is especially festive, as there is a big gathering after mass with a tourist market.